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Dynamic explorer of a functional-creative philosophy, the brand of furniture and metal accessories Giacopini creates with its collections a combination of style, aesthetics and design technique.

Unique, modular and totally customizable objects that respond to the "Bright Metal Objects" company payoff, which perfectly explains how iconic bright and brilliant colors can blend harmoniously with raw components like metal and iron.

An alchemical fusion of complementary attitudes, which in Giacopini are molded into original objects that reinterpret this traditional material in a hyper contemporary key. A balance between strength and lightness.

Iron specialist and designer of solutions and furnishing accessories, the founder of the brand Michele Giacopini creates collections that, thanks to the technique and experience gained over the years, can also be modified by customers, to meet the decorative and design requirements of all domestic and public interiors.

A passion for iron, an attraction for unconventional materials and a strong link to the typical craftsmanship tradition. In the 2006 the Giacopini siblings - Sara, Marta and Michele - gave life to the company, specializing in iron processing with a preference for the interior design sector.

The "conscious construction" philosophy is growing, the company begins to create objects with a long life cycle and that can easily be repaired, using recyclable materials that can be separated at the end of their life. In the 2011 the first website was presented showing the more important objects.

In the 2018, with the creative consulting of MM Company, Michele Giacopini expands the horizons of his business project, combining technical skills, design and production. Soft pop creations have as main objective the modularity of their products, from which objects that are, multifunctional and endlessly modular, with a contemporary taste are born.